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Threads 7


October / November 1986


    • Surface Attraction
      by Joanne Mattera
    • A Perfect Pair of Pants:
      How to adjust the fit
      by Sally Cowan
    • Quilt Notebook:
      The Art Quilt
      by Penny McMorris, Michael Kile
      Punch and Poke: Quilting Without Thimbles
      by Sandra Millett
      Quilter Group Fit Ideas to Theme of Gift
      by Linda Lowman Barnett
    • Knitters, Make a Trip to the Fabric Store
      by Susan Guagliumi
    • Tapestry Gunner:
      Electric Punch Needles
      by Patti Henry
    • Techniques for Better Weaving
      by Peggy Osterkamp
    • Knitting a Seamless Sweater
      by Elizabeth Zimmermann
    • Beading on Leather
      by Wendy Ellsworth
    • The Tuxedo 100 Years Later
      by Cathy Shufro
    • A Little Blue Dress
      by David Dobsevage
    • Vermont's Green MOuntain Spinnery
      by Nan Levinson
    • Costumes of Royal India
      by Betsy Levine
    • Back Cover:
      Point of View
      by Renie Breskin Adams
    • Letters
      "Baskets to Blankets"
      No. 5, Jun/July 1986
      "Techniques of Haute Couture"
      No. 6, Aug/Sept 1986
    • TIPS:
      Quilting by machine
      by Edith Frankel
      Wisp knitting
      by Margaret S. Peterson
      Waistband Closures
      by Shirley Kates
      Thread Eyes
      by Shirley Kates
      Striped knits and the Needlemaster
      by Thomas Walsh
      Q: Men's patterns
      A: David Page Coffin
      Q: Nonsagging stockinette stitch
      A: Jean Dickinson
      Q: Testing washfastness
      A: Charlie Collins
    • NOTES:
      Really big show
      by unknown
      Design supermarket
      by Wendy Northup
      Pacific Basic School closes
      by Rhoda London
      Amazing lace on Venetian isle
      by Joanne Mattera
      Getting away close to home
      by Kate Hearst
      English Costume Society symposium
      by R.L. Shep
      What's in a bale of used kimonos?
      by Ruth-Claire Marcus
      Why sewing is sagging
      by Mary Galpin
      Crochet pattern for pinwheel spread
      by Deborah Cannarella
    • Calendar
    • Books
    • Index: Threads 1-6
    • COMMENT:
      Nose To the Grindstone
      by Constance Phillips
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c. 1986

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