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Threads 10


April / May 1987


    • Color Blending in Needlepoint(technique)
      by Lloyd Walton Blanks
    • Battenberg Lace
      by Jules, Kaethe Kliot
    • Making Swirly Skirts
      by Grace Callaway
    • Knitted Yarn Over
      by Shirley W. MacNulty
    • Irons, Boards and Presses
      by David Page Coffin
    • Dyes from Mushrooms
      by Miriam Rice
    • Gilding the Lily:
      Embroidery Stitches in Victorian Crazy Quilts
      by Miriam Rice
    • How Madame Grès Sculpts with Fabric
      by Arlene Cooper
    • Weaving in the Desert:
      How Bedouin women make a loom
      by Janet Doub Erickson
    • Making Sense of Interfacing
      by Margaret Deck Komives
    • Double Lives:
      Patsy Allen
      Nancy Guay
      Pat Kinsella
      by Joanne Mattera
    • Knitting-Machine Geometries:
      Short-row and Slip - ideal intarsia techniques
      by Susan Guagliumi
    • Converting Images into Sweaters
      by Rachel MacHenry
    • Back Cover:
      Hooking wild Horses
      by Marguerite Zorach
    • Letters
    • TIPS:
      Hand-rolled hems
      by Tricia Klem
      Sweaters in the round without steeks
      by Carol Gordon
      Retrieving spilled beads
      by Letitia Harris
      Knitters need baggies!
      by Melissa Yoder
      How to splice yarn
      by Lois Albrecht
      Removing bloodstains
      by Mary Ann Hickey
      Machine-eased sleeve caps
      by Janet Earnhardt
      Buttons with bite
      by Cherie Owings
      Machine-stitched gift wrap
      by Emma Olmstead
      De-pilling Woolens
      by Beth Kabat
      Managing knitting patterns
      by Mrs. Robert Carlson
      Winding bobbins on the spinning wheel
      by Murial Waite
      Easy covered buttons
      by Amy T. Yanagi
      Q: Skirts become culottes
      A: Rebecca Nebesar
      Q: Industrial sewing machines at home
      A: Claire Shaeffer
      Q: Custom-shaped sweaters
      A: Jean Dickinson
      Q: Stumpwork
      A: Sylvia Fishman
      Q: Enlarging patterns
      A: Colette Wolff
      Q: Washing cotton sweaters
      A: Laura Malis
      Q: Downproof cotton
      A: Mavra Simon
      Q: Building a loom
      A: Loom Construction by Hjert von Rosenstielm
    • NOTES:
      Quilting for world peace
      by Cathy Shufro
      Fashionable quilts
      by Colette Wolff
      To be not a brute, Rousseau made lace
      by L.R. Hedrick
      Ewe can't win this wrestling match
      by Patricia Byers
      Bit of rope turns cloth into dancer's costume
      by Leslie Grace
      International Textile Competition
      by Kyoto
      Lace and lectures
      by Betty Suter Feldman
      Quilt lovers take notice
      by American Quilter's Society Show
      Artwear '87
      by The Textile Council
    • Calendar
    • Books
    • Comments:
      Letting Knitting Happen
      by Joyce Edwards
    • Supplies

c. 1987

86 pages - good condition

  • Manufactured by: Threads

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