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Threads 11


June / July 1987


    • Balenciaga, the Architect of Elegant Clothing
      by Harold Koda
    • Embroidery for the Goddess:
      Eastern European Women's Folklife
      by Mary B. Kelly
    • Shapely Curves
      by Janice Anthony
    • The Drafter, the Draper, the Flat Patternmaker
      by Rebecca Nebesar
    • The Greatest Sew on Earth:
      sewing circus costumes
      by Georgia M. Rogers
    • Shetland Lace
      by Alice Korach
    • Putting Knitted Pieces Together(tutorial)
      by Susan Guagliumi
    • Piecing Cloth to Harness the Wind:
      Making Sails
      by Larry Montgomery
    • Weaving Table Linens
      by Barbara Smith Eychaner
    • Crochet Inspired by the Trees
      by Ellen Moon
    • So There Is a Use fr Fancy Machine Stitches
      by Elizabeth Lee Richter
    • Turkish Marbling on Cloth or Paper
      by Rhoda London
    • Back Cover:
      Beaded Fish
      by Christine Olsen Reis
    • Letters
    • TIPS:
      Magazine tip locator
      by Barbara Jean Moulder
      Marking quilt tops
      by Dawn Lesley Stewart
      How to wind yarn loosely
      by Dorothy Collins
      Threading a needle and pulling it through
      by Rene F. Joyce, Muriel Waits, Helen Thorkelsen
      Send along a yarn label
      by Elizabeth Mattfield
      Managing ribbon yarn
      by Avis Irey
      Attaching trims by Machine
      by Doris Gray
      Crocheted edgings on wovens
      by Elizabeth Meineke
      Ready-made waistband elastic
      by Jeanne Schimmel
      Homemade yarn bobbins
      by Gloria Albert
      Multipurpose bobbin thread
      by Anna Maria Balzarini
      Managing twisted knitting yarns
      by Debbie Ott
      Straining dyestuffs
      by Susan Doerr
      Buttons in half the time
      by Mary Applegate
      Correcting shifting necklines
      by Phyllis Rosen
      Quick spaghetti straps
      by Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
      Q: Waistband elastic
      A: Grace Callaway
      Q: Repairing sun-damaged silk
      A: Cheryl Kolander
    • NOTES:
      When is art fashion, and fashion art?
      by Richard Martin
      These toes won't drown in tears of clown
      by Larry Montgomery
      "Interfacing" at craft museum
      by The American Craft Museum
      The one who dies with the most stuff wins!
      by Susan Guagliumi
      Lucky lessons from two grand women
      by Constance Dee
      Old shoes keeping honourable company
      by Valerie Clausen
      Millions of swatches at FIT
      by Alan Kennedy
      Spinning fleece for peace
      by Peter Hagerty
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    • Books
    • COMMENT:
      Night Stories
      by Virginia White
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c. 1987

83 pages - good condition

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