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Threads 13


October / November 1987


    • The Hawaiian Quilt
      by Sue Ellen White-Hansen
    • A Cone of Aran Hats(tutorial)
      by Helen Oakley
    • Making Pockets(tutorial)
      by Linda Faiola
    • Diary of a Collection: Fall Line of Michael Kors
      by Joanne Mattera
    • Needle Lace
      by Eunice Kaiser
    • Contemporary Needle Lacers:
      Jean Goldberg, Wilcke Smith, Virginia Churchill Bath, Bucky King, Christina Larkin
    • A Knitting Odyssey
      by Linda Dyett
    • For the Best Wools, Spin Them Yourself
      by Stanley Bulbach
    • More than One Way to Shear a Sheep
      by Ron and Teresa Parker
    • Boiled Wool
      by Mary Smith
    • Felting Knit Mohair
      by Suzanne Mitchell
    • Making Fabric Flowers
      by Diane Ritch, Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada
    • Back Cover:
      She Likes to Do a Little Needlework
      by Esther Robertson
    • Letters
    • TIPS:
      Floss-organizing system
      by Art Salemme
      Marking, sewing intricate shapes on knits
      by Frances Belcher
      Marking pens reborn
      by Tenley Alaimo
      Machine-knitting with no loose ends
      by Barbara Flett
      Starting and ending yarns
      by Charlene Rose
      Rotary rags for rugs
      by Carol Clivio
      Tailors' pressing tools
      by Stanley Hostek
      Getting a handle on sewing details
      by D. Self
      Signing your sweaters
      by Jane F. Jull
      Ribbing on single-pointed needles
      by Genevieve Smolik
      Q: To narrow and fagot
      A: Elizabeth Zimmermann, Meg Swansen
      Q: Fabric grain
      A: Elizabeth A. Rhodes
      Q: Zippers in knits, perfect ribs
      A: Barbara Walker
    • NOTES:
      Quilt National on tour
      by The Dairy Barn Southeastern Ohio Cultural Arts Center
      Gadgets for machine knitters
      by Susan Guagliumi
      Aid to Artisans
      by Mally Cox-Chapman
      Fine art of collecting baskets
      by Sandra W. Bowers
      Precious fibers congress
      by Ruth-Claire Marcus
      What kind of wool is it?
      by Stanley Bulbach
      The fuzzy politics of wool
      by Ron Parker
    • Calendar
    • Books
    • COMMENT:
      Black Cats and green stitches
      by Constance Phillips
    • Index: Threads 7-12

c. 1987

90 pages - good condition

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