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Threads 19


October / November 1988

      • Stalking the Perfect Raincoat:
        survey of fabrics, patterns, details
        by David Page Coffin
      • Weatherproof Knitting
        by Cathy Collier Edmands
      • Practical Smocking
        by Elizabeth Mattfield
      • Smocking Techniques
        by Debbie Ott
      • Design for Needlepoint
        by Judith Gross
      • Upholstering a Needlepoint Chair
        by Walter Nance
      • Children's Tapestries in Egypt: Ramses Wissa Wassef
        by Irene Preston Miller
      • Designing with Cables
        by Kathy Brunner, Sue M. Parker
      • Spinning Flax
        by Carol Hillestad
      • Handmaking Leather Gloves(tutorial)
        by Jan Faulkner-Wagoner
      • Sewing with Knits
        by Jan Saunders
      • Ruffles from the Renaissance
        by Kathleen Ruoti
      • "Cut It Down the Middle and Send It to the Other Side": African-American quilts
        by Eli Leon
      • Back Cover:
        Learning to Weave
        by Ramses Wissa Wassef
      • Letters
      • TIPS:
        Serged collars
        by Robbin Koller
        Handknitting as even as machine knitting
        by Billie Gooding
        Ripping lockstitch
        by Marianne Kantor
        Instant spot deodorizer
        by Joan Morris
        Thread tension
        by Edith Frankel
        Pinning silk
        by Victoria Valdes-Dapena-Hiltebeitel
        Tubular bind-off technique, double rib
        by Betty J. Louie
        Tube Turner that works
        by Erica Baldwin
        Ripping stockinette stitch
        by Peg Boren
        Drying fleece and woolens
        by Debbie Benzer
        Chalk refills
        by Cynthia McGuirl
      • QUESTIONS:
        Q: Knitting to gauge revisited
        A: Dorothy Ratigan
        Q: Gautemalan fabrics and equestrian patterns
        A: David Coffin
      • NOTES:
        Costume as cultural memory
        by Margot schevill
        The Loom of Penelope
        by Larry Hedrick
        Everything about quilts
        by Muriel Neale
        Researcher in a kit
        by Breakthrough Communications
        Dealing with Warp Tension
        by Janice Lessman-Moss
        Peace by piece
        by Meryl Ann Butler
        Erie Art Museum (basket)collection
        Curated by Jack Lenor Larsen
        Taking off on historic costumes
        by Arlene Handschuch
        Power from hat to shoes
        by Amy Yanagi
      • Calendar
      • Books
      • INDEX: Threads, 13-18
      • COMMENT:
        Dressing for sexes
        by Jo Paoletti
      • Supplies
c. 1988

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