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Threads 21


February / March 1989

    • Reinventing the Sampler
      by Elly Smith
    • One Way to Do Counted-thread Embroidery
      by Elly Smith
    • Coming to Grips with the Slide Fastener(zippers)
      by Kathy Sandmann
    • Knit Landscapes from Leftovers
      by Carol LaBranche
    • Unraveling Luxury from a Humble Cocoon(silk)
      by Karen Selk
    • Crocheted Buttonholes(type chart)
      by Mary McGoveran
    • Getting into Leather
      by Arlene Handschuch
    • The Colorful Oasis: Beduins ground loom
      by Joy May Hilden
    • What Is This Thing Called Pleater?(cover)
      by Sarah Douglas
    • Designer Raglans
      by B. Borssuck
    • Toward Smaller Quilting Stitches
      by Ami Simms
    • A Dressmaker Extraordinaire: Madeleine Vionnet
      by Betty Kirke
    • Back Cover:
      A Little Bit of Whimsy
      by Judy Keen
    • Letters
    • TIPS:
      Tricot lamé in reverse applique
      by Merry Bean
      Ballpoint stitch remover
      by Carol MacPhail
      Salvaging damaged knits
      by Dianne Boate
      Dyeing related shades
      by Leslie English
      Avoiding the dog leg in circular knitting
      by Shelagh Smith
      Skirt slits that won't rip
      by Lee Pecora
      Trimming Sleeve and armhole seams
      by Jan Jasper
      Sewing-machine pin cushion
      by Mary Applegate
      Even guage with color knitting
      by Betsy Carpenter
      Darning Denim
      by Marie Dorok
      Q: Knitting for a living
      A: Judith Greer
    • NOTES:
      Craft Center in the Pacific
      by Estelle Akamine
      Sad news for Aardvark fans
      by Robbie Fanning
      Paint and fabric
      by Patricia Malarcher
      MidAtlantic fiber conference
      by Carol Hillestad
      Artists wealthier by the dozen
      by Wendy Haskett
      Classes on couture
      by Amy Yanagi
    • Calendar
    • Books
      Mixed feelings about fashion
      by Jan Jasper
    • Supplies

c. 1989

90 pages - good condition

  • Manufactured by: Threads

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